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Home » News » BasicNeeds wins most votes among League of Legends gaming community

BasicNeeds wins most votes among League of Legends gaming community

Posted on November 20, 2017 by

Shiva lives in Nepal and is recovering from depression.

Video game developer Riot Games, will donate at least £1 million to improve the lives of people living with mental illness after BasicNeeds won the most votes among players of their game “League of Legends”.

80% of people affected by mental illness live in low- or middle-income countries, where most have little or no access to treatment.  Many live in extreme poverty, facing isolation, rejection and abuse. Mental health conditions such as depression are the leading cause of disability worldwide, often leading to immense suffering and limiting a person’s ability to live independently, earn a living or participate in their community.

Anxiety and depression are recognised issues in the gaming community, the fact that Riot Games, the organisation behind one of the most successful online games: League of Legends, are taking such pro-active steps to help destigmatize and promote awareness of these issues is very encouraging.

Adrian Sell, Chief Executive of BasicNeeds says: “We are honoured that Riot Games have chosen BasicNeeds as one of the three charities to benefit from their charity fund and delighted that the League of Legends community have chosen to support people with mental health problems in the world’s poorest places. Globally, millions of people living with mental illnesses are deprived of treatment and support. This affects their ability to actively participate in domestic, social and economic activities thus limiting their opportunities to lead a better life. Mental illness impacts not just the sufferer but also family members who take on caring roles which reduces their capacity to engage in productive work. The funds received will help us to make a real difference to many more people with mental illness and their families in the places where help is most needed.”

League of Legends players answered the call to vote for 3 charities: BasicNeeds, Learning Equality and Raspberry Pi, during the 2017 World Championships. The final donation pool which is atleast £2 million, was raised through purchases of Championship Ashe and the 2017 Championship ward. 4,039,022 players voted for one of the three charities and votes were multiplied based on the player’s Honor level. As the winning organisation, BasicNeeds will receive 50% of the donation, with the remainder split between the other two charities.

A big thank you to Riot Games and to the League of Legends community for supporting people with mental health problems in the world’s poorest places.

For more information, read the Riot Games official statement.

Image: Shiva, who lives in a remote village in Nepal, suffers from severe depression. Thanks to the support of BasicNeeds’ local partner in Nepal – LEADS, Shiva is now better able to manage his condition and helps his wife run the house. 

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