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1 in 4 people will be affected by mental illness - make a difference today!

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FrancisFor Francis in Ghana, mental illness meant being held captive, with his leg shackled through a hole chiselled in a log. Francis was left like this for a year and a half to control his spiralling psychosis.

Sadly, stories like this are not uncommon among the 330 million people suffering from mental disorders in low and middle income countries. There is often no or very poor access to essential treatment and support.

BasicNeeds creates better lives for those living with mental illness. Our community based approach enables people like Francis to access treatment, gives them the opportunity to earn an income and helps them to re-integrate themselves successfully into their families and communities.

Francis is now a respected teacher, and advocates for a better understanding of mental illness among the community in which he lives.

Since 2000, BasicNeeds has transformed the lives of over 631,000 people with mental health conditions; however, this is just a drop in the ocean – and the ocean is huge! Many more people urgently need treatment and the chance to regain their lives, families and income again. By supporting us, you can make a difference to the lives of many more people like Francis.

Help us give more people with mental illness the chance of a better future. Together we can ensure that the basic needs of people with mental illness living in poverty are met. We can give them the chance to thrive within the families and communities they live in.

£30 could buy medication for a person with a mental illness for 6 months.

£100 could help set up a business for a self-help group of people recovering from mental illness.

Our BBC Radio 4 Appeal will be aired on 3rd May 2015 at 7.55am and 9.26pm; and again on Thursday 7th May at 3.27pm. For more information, click here

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