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Better Mental Health, Better Lives
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1 in 4 people will be affected by mental illness - make a difference today!

The Problem

BasicNeeds Ghana

Globally, millions of people living with mental illnesses are deprived of access to treatment and opportunities to lead a better life.

Mental health conditions account for nearly 13% of all disease in the world, affecting more than 450 million at any one time. 80% live in low and middle income countries where fewer than 1 in 5 get any treatment. The cost to the world economy is some US$2.5 trillion per year in reduced economic productivity and physical ill-health.

Yet, the amount invested in treating mental health problems in these countries is very small – less than 2% of annual health budgets is spent on mental health.

Mental ill health is both a cause and a consequence of poverty and ill-health, often interfering in substantial ways with the ability of affected people to function in families and society. It can also be a human rights issue: with people living with mental illness and epilepsy experiencing daily acts of cruelty and denial of their basic rights; preventing them from exercising choice, pursuing opportunities and planning for the future.

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    "When my situation worsened, my family hid me, they did not want anybody to see or know about me."