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Better Mental Health, Better Lives
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1 in 4 people will be affected by mental illness - make a difference today!

What we do

BasicNeeds works to bring about a lasting change in the lives of mentally ill people around the world.

According to the World Health Organisation, there are about 450 million people in the world suffering from mental disorders and in the developing world, up to 85% of them have no access to treatment. Depressive diseases are projected to be the leading global burden of disease by 2030.

In the poorest countries in the world, mental illness is a problem that is a taboo topic. With an often complete lack of locally available, free mental health care, desperately poor mentally ill people stand little hope of recovery.

By working in partnership with mentally ill people, rather than just for them, we have built an innovative approach known as the Model for Mental Health and Development that addresses both people’s illnesses and their economic and social well-being.

The BasicNeeds Model comprises five interlinking modules:


BasicNeeds Diagram (yellow bubble, green text, white bg)


Capacity Building: identifying, mobilising, sensitising and training mental health and development stakeholders.

Community Mental Health: enabling effective and affordable community oriented mental health treatment services.

Livelihoods: facilitating opportunities for affected individuals to gain or regain the ability to work, earn and contribute to family and community.

Research: generating evidence from the practice of mental health and development.

Collaboration: managing partnerships and relationships with stakeholders who are involved in implementing the BasicNeeds Model on the ground and/or are responsible for policy and practice decisions.

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    "It is curative working on the horticultural project. I have experienced significant improvement in my condition just by tending and watering the vegetables. I cannot explain this but the difference is real."
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