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South Sudan


Community health volunteer conducting a home visit

Mental health in South Sudan

Two decades of war has brought untold suffering to the people of South Sudan. A total of two million people were estimated to have died directly or indirectly as the result of the war. Hundreds of thousands were driven to exile in neighbouring countries and others internally displaced. The net impact of the losses on mental and psychosocial health is visible across the region. Mental health services to serve people dealing with trauma, stress, depression and other mental illnesses are non-existent, with a direct negative impact on the ability of families to meet their basic livelihoods needs and ensure their own survival.

Our work

Our holistic mental health and development services are delivered through:

South Sudan Psychosocial Support Programme (SSPP)

Since 2013, BasicNeeds Kenya has been providing mentorship, project cycle management, and direct support to affected people, their carers and family members who have been affected by the war in South Sudan, in collaboration with South Sudan Psychosocial Programme (SSPP). SSPP, whose leaders are trained in mental health trauma counselling in Ugandan refugee camps during the previous phase of the civil war, has in this time steadily gained in organisational capacity and experience to reach people with mental illness and epilepsy in two counties – Kajio-Keji and Magwi.

To date, 15 mental health outreach clinics have been established and integrated into primary health care services through this programme. Each clinic is run once per month and a total of 3,077 patients have been treated. 18 self-help groups were formed and 613 patients and caretakers have been supported through self-help groups. Government staff, health and social workers, and community volunteers have also been trained on diagnosis and management of mental illnesses.

Our impact to date

As of March 2016, 3,077 people with mental illness and epilepsy have been directly supported. An additional 1,330 people were reached through health education interventions.

Contact information

South Sudan Psychosocial Support Programme (SSPP)

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